Harnessing the Power of Social Media

When it comes to bringing return customers to your business, nothing is more effective than positive word-of-mouth advertising. However, relying solely Girls Conversing on your existing clients to spread the word about your company can be compared to attending a networking event, and leaving a stack business cards on the back table instead of handing them out. It’s possible that a few people may grab them on the way out, but the majority will never know you were there. So how do you get those people to come to you?

Social Media is an ever-expanding source of potential customers. Unlike traditional advertising, most social media marketing is both cost-effective, and extremely versatile. The majority of virtual communities allow both individuals and businesses to set up a free page. These pages are usually indexed by search engines, and linking back to your main website will increase your page rank as well as your organic internet traffic. There are about a dozen popular social networks that account for the majority of social internet traffic. Utilizing multiple platforms will greatly increase your chances of being noticed by your target audience.

Another enormous benefit of social media marketing is your ability to change your message rapidly. When you place your ad in the phone book, or local newspaper, it remains unchanged until the next edition comes out. With social media and internet advertising, you have the freedom to change your text and imagery with a few simple clicks. If you find a typo on your social network page after publishing, you can fix it in a matter of seconds. When you find an error in your written ad, you have no recourse but to wait for the next publication date.

networkSocial media is like an ongoing networking event with unlimited contacts. Your existing clients are also an important part of social media marketing. Instead of leaving your business cards on┬áthe back table, your social networking friends will be passing them out for you. When they link to your page, or “like” your new post, they are giving instant word-of-mouth promotion to everyone on their network at once. Instead of generating one lead, they bring you dozens, or possibly hundreds of new visitors with no additional effort on their part.

With all the potential leads available on social media websites, it’s important to make a good first impression. You want pages that look clean, professional, and inviting. Your posts should be relevant to your industry, and updated frequently. Comments should be responded to in a timely and courteous manner. When you’re ready to incorporate social media into your marketing strategy, contact us for industry leading advice and creative solutions.


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