The Beauty of Digital Media, and It’s Impact on the World

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The notion of mass advertising is hardly a new concept. Since the dawn of civilization, producers of goods and services have utilized images mixed with written words to attract potential customers. Political interests have used every available media to persuade the population since the earliest governments. The ancient Egyptians used carved stone as their media of choice. The Greeks favored pottery and marble, and the Romans, bronze. With the invention of the printing press in the 15th-century, the world turned to paper.

With the 21st century came the widespread use of personal computers on a massive scale. The move toward electronic information has made digital media one of the most powerful advertising tools of all time. Although printed media is still a popular choice for many individuals, the impact of digital media on the minds of the world-wide population is undeniable. A marketing specialist can take an idea from the concept phase to a fully implemented advertising campaign in a matter of days. Digital media can be delivered to a global audience instantly via the internet, and traditional printers also enjoy the advantages of the digital process.

Before personal computers, illustrations were hand drawn, and copied via lithography. Scaling the image to a larger size was quite difficult and time-consuming. Using a Screen shot 2015-07-01 at 7.23.08 PMcomputer to create digital media allows an artist to integrate any number of elements, such as photographs, fine art scans, and digital tools, to create fully scalable images. These graphic elements can be easily manipulated, with text added or changed instantly. The final product can be used for emails, banner advertisements, web sites, and other online applications. With the many file types to choose from, the images can be sent to any traditional printer, or sign shop, without loss of clarity.

The information age has brought many changes to the way ideas are shared. Digital media brings concepts to life with full color, true-to-life imagery that affects people on both an intellectual and emotional scale. The internet allows us to advertise to a global audience with the click of a button. Contact us to start sharing your company’s vision through digital media today.


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