Mobile Marketing is the Logical Next Step to Your Social Media Presence

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Social media has offered small and large businesses alike with the incredible opportunity to utilize grassroots, word-of-mouth style marketing to promote their business to potential customers and clients.

business people working with digital tabletPeople have fully acclimated to sharing social media promotions with their friends and family and recommending companies they love through sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Forward thinking companies have begun to expand the impact of their social media efforts by beginning  to adopt mobile marketing strategies. Since most people access some form of social media through their smart phones, mobile marketing is the natural next wave of social media marketing efforts.

According to the Forbes magazine article, “Mobile in Mind: Thoughts On The Present And Future Of Mobile Marketing” by Steve Olenski,

“Across all industries and segments, global and national brands are spending more time on researching, studying, and implementing mobile marketing strategies.”

Popular methods of mobile marketing include mobile coupons that are sent to a customer via a text message, downloaded app or that are accessible from a company website. More Latest Smartphone Video Transfers 010and more companies are beginning to allow customers to pay directly from their cell phones through “wallet” style apps. Another emerging mobile marketing strategy is to create a reward based app that offers customers incentives for visiting a store location, making purchases, or sharing promotions with friends and family.

For more information on emerging mobile marketing strategies and the future of social media, please contact us. We believe your company will grow as you continue to embrace the marketing opportunities that exist in the internet age.


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